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Anti-Vibration Mounts

Anti Vibration Mounts

If there are moving parts in any sort of industrial machine, there are bound to be vibrations. This is because moving parts cause friction, which releases energy in the form of heat and noise vibrations. To reduce or isolate these vibrations, Anti-vibration mounts are being used in almost all industrial machines. Anti-vibration mounts are rubber parts with some kind of metal component. Anti vibration mounts provide excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening properties.

One of the ways that vibrations can be controlled is that they can be damped or reduced using vibration dampers or vibration mounts. A vibration damper basically absorbs some of the frequencies of vibrations coming from a particular moving part. This doesn’t keep low frequency vibrations from reaching other parts, but it prevents resonant frequencies of vibration and keeps the machine away from unnecessary downtime. If the vibrations damper is chosen carefully, the vibrations coming from various machine parts are never allowed to become resonant.

Vibrations can also be isolated using vibration isolators. This basically means that a substance is used to keep that particular moving part from throwing its vibration frequency out to other moving parts. Isolation is often used between various systems of a machine that don’t necessarily have to be directly connected but that have to coexist. Air Springs are excellent vibration isolators and we can help in chossing the right one for your industrial application.


EGAÑA’s elastic and antivibration mounts can be used with all types of machinery and have advantages over ground-anchoring:

Quick placement and machine mobility.
Damping of vibrations and shocks.
Leveling and traction.