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Air Springs

Industrial Air Springs

Air spring are shock absorbers that use pressurized air as a cushion instead of a rubber, plastic or metal spring. Air-Spring is a compartment of pressurized air confined within a rubber and fabric container. This pressurized Air Spring is useful in absorbing vibrations coming from external machines and well as providing vibration damping in high vibration generating machines. Air springs and air bellows can work as rubber actuators or vibration isolators.


The ORIA Air Springs have elastomeric elements reinforced with a synthetic mesh thereby providing a longer life for the air spring installation. The Oria air springs absorb up to 99%of the unwanted vibrations avoiding further damages to the compressors, their metallic enclosures and building structures. At the same time, they also help in reducing the noise level. Lower maintenance costs coupled with easy and practical replacement makes ORIA Air Springs a great choice for industrial houses.