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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine generator-mounted-on-EGA-anti-vibration-mounts



Wind turbines use wind energy to make electricity. Wind turns the propeller-like blades of a turbine around a rotor, which spins a generator, creating electricity. The rotor connects to the eolic generator through a shaft and a series of gears (a gearbox) that speed up the rotation.Wind turbines can be built on land or offshore in large bodies of water like oceans and lakes. Wind Turbines are now also being installed in hot desert conditions in countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Temperatures regularly exceed 45 degrees Celsius in these regions which lies in the sweltering Arabian Peninsula. Sandstorms are also frequent during summer months. These wind turbines generate high vibrations due to the uneven movement of the wind-powered rotors.

Wind Turbine Construction

A wind turbine consists of three basic parts: the tower, the rotor blades and the hollow nacelle. A typical wind turbine tower is approximately 80 feet tall and weighs close to 8,000 kgs. The nacelle is a strong, hollow shell made of fiberglass, that contains the inner workings of the wind turbine. It contains the main rotor drive shaft and the gearbox. It also contains the blade pitch control, a hydraulic system that controls the angle of the blades, and the yaw drive, which controls the position of the turbine relative to the wind. The generator and electronic controls are standard equipment inside the turbine's shell. A typical nacelle for a wind turbine including all the components weighs approximately 10,000 Kgs. The rotor blades are made of fiberglass and a typical wind turbine blade is about 15 meters long and weighs approximately 1100 Kgs.

Wind Turbine Anti-Vibration mounts

The Need for Vibration Control in Wind Turbines

The wind turbine's main drive shaft, gearbox, and generator - are assembled and then mounted onto a base frame. Typically two large bearings support the main shaft driven by the blades. The blades actually rotate at quite low speeds - around 45-70 RPM. A gearbox increases the speed in order to drive the generator at 1800 RPM.

The base frame rests inside the nacelle of the wind turbine which is erected onto the wind turbine tower. This is typically at the height of 80 feet from the ground and any vibrations generated at this height get amplified manifold due the the height of the tower. The wind conditions are constantly changing. And what is worse is that the speed can vary as the blades rotate. Even the nacelle (the house at the top of the tower) will rotate as the wind direction changes. Additionally, the whole structure (tower, nacelle and blades) can vibrate and resonate due to the construction of the tower and nacelle.

Wind turbines are usually located at remote locations and therefore, performing maintenance is very difficult. Hence it is essential to use the best mounts when installing the generator onto the base frame inside the nacelle.

Overall, the Anti Vibration mounts allow wind turbine manufacturers to install complex generators and gearboxes on their high wind-turbine towers without the worry of noise and vibration problems.

HVAC-system-av-mounts Advantages of EGA Anti-Vibration mounts



Why choose our Wind Turbine Generator mounts

Egana has been providing Vibration Damping solutions for industrial machinery like generators, compressors, pumps, engines and heavy duty fans for more than 50 years. The main aim of using an Anti-Vibration mount in any moving machinery is to reduce the amount of vibration that the machine transmits to the frame and the surrounding structure and buildings. EGANA's Anti Vibration mounts provide the following advantages:

-> Natural Rubber Construction: Natural Rubber has the ability to accept and recover from extreme deformation of 200 percent or more. Our Rubber compound is formulated with the utmost precision to make sure that our rubber compound has longevity, resilience, resistant to high temperature variations and good ability to bond with metals. Another important characteristic of our rubber compound is it's ability to dissipate hear when it is subjected to continuous vibrational forces.
-> Superior Vulcanization Techniques: Our Anti-Vibration mounts are made by vulcanizing the specially formulated rubber compound at high temperature and pressure. The vulcanized rubber molecules so formed have higher polysulphidic crosslinks which are much stronger. This vulcanization technique has been perfected over the years with our final moulded rubber products which are far stronger, last longer and provide the highest possible vibration absorption.
-> Metallic Bottom and Top Dome: Our EGA and EGA-MARINE series of AV mounts come with metallic plates on the top and bottom with a layer of rubber sandwiched in between to provide the vibration absorption. The metallic dome at the top prevents the rubber mounts from oil, water, dirt, ozone degradation and other harmful chemicals that the machine might be exposed to.
-> Fail-Safe Design: The EGA and EGA-MARINE series of Anti-vibration mounts are equipped with a metallic fail-safe. This fail-safe design ensures that the engine and the alternator are securely connected to the main assembly frame of the HVAC cabinet. This prevents the machinery parts from toppling over while transportation or in mobile installations.
-> Versatile and Compact Design: Our Eolic generator AV mounts can be mounted on both external and internal generator frames. The compact design of the av-mounts provide easy fitting below the pump and fans in the HVAC assembly. Our range of AV mounts are suitable for damping vibrations in wind turbines weighing as much as 20,000 Kgs.
-> Premium Quality yet Economical: The Wind Turbine generator AV mounts are manufactured in our highly efficient presses which churn out multiple mounts in a single run. This provides us the opportunity to provide our generator mounts with the highest quality yet in very economical prices. In most of the cases a complete set of our anti-vibration mounts for generators works out to less than 1% of the total cost but provides substantial advantages.
-> Product testing and quality certifications: We have extensive facilities and engineering resources to perform product, material and vibration damping tests under real-world conditions.

It’s important to keep in mind that picking the wrong Anti-Vibration mount for your wind turbines could actually make vibration worse than if there were no mount at all. We recommend consulting with a vibration control expert early in the product design process when selecting the materials and mounts for mounting for wind turbine generators.

Please feel free to drop us an email at for expert advice on managing the vibration isolation challenges in your HVAC system.

Wind Turbine installations in the Middle East MENA region

There have been recent regulations in Dubai that have made the installation of additional power generators in huge buildings and landmark projects a must for any contractor or company. These backup power generators need to be fully functional meeting all essential services including elevators and emergency lights. Real estate developers will be installing additional power generators at projects under their portfolio within UAE. With these generators being installed in residential/commercial locations, it is imperative that they do not produce excessive noise and vibration. According to the buildings department of Dubai Municipality (DM) there are close to 26,000 buildings under construction as of June 2017. With each building project, as per the regulations back-up generators need to be installed - hence there is huge demand for generators within UAE.

Egana has been supplying their anti-vibration mounts to reputed generator manufacturers in UAE and Middle East. With the highest focus on quality products providing maximum vibration isolation, Egana's EGA mounts have been the first choice for all generators manufacturers and generator canopy manufacturers in the MENA region.