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UNE (Spain) has a remarkable experience working in pump installations. The UNEFLEX elastic tyre coupling works successfully in pump applications, as it tolerates strong mis-alignments and isolates vibrations. When pumps start ups are made, the tyre coupling prevents the machinery from having any strong vibration or imbalances as the rubber is able to absorb the inertia moments. Moreover, the shock of the engine start up is absorbed by the highly elastic coupling, increasing the life of the pump and gear. We are supplying UNE flexible couplings for pump and motor assemblies.

An electric motor or diesel engine is used to operate the pump. In general, a powerful electric motor is connected with the pump via a coupling. For a diesel engine, the same is coupled to the pump via a coupling and gearbox. The most important functions of the flexible coupling are: Balancing the offset between the motor and the pump, efficient torque transmission, overloading protection and minimization of torsional vibrations. Another advantages of elastomeric couplings in pump is the fact that they require no lubrication and very little maintenance.

couplings-for-agricultural-machines Advantages of Couplings in Pumps

Flexible Spacer Coupling from UNE

In addition to the current UNEFLEX flexible tyre couplings, UNE also manufactures spacer couplings. It consists of a Uneflex tyre coupling plus a spacer flange assembly. The spacers coupling are designed for use on applications where it is an advantage to be able to move either shaft axially without removing the gear and the pump.

The UNE flexible couplings have elastomeric elements reinforced with a synthetic mesh thereby providing a longer life for the coupling installation. The flexible couplings are able to easily cushion and absorb higher impacts of overloading. Easy and practical replacement makes UNE couplings a great choice for industrial houses.

Sectors where Flexible tyre couplings are installed in pumps

The UNEFLEX couplings that are placed in pumps are located in many different types of industries, for example, paper mills, textile industry, fire pumps, oil and gas industries, in steel making plants, food processing industry, marine and sea applications and also in chemical industries.

Flexible Couplings with easy replacement

Another advantage of using the UNE flexible tyre type couplings in pump and motor assemblies is the ease of replacement. Applying this tyre coupling design, we are able to remove the mechanical seal for easier maintenance systems and repairs. They are designed with standard distances between shaft end dimensions (D.B.S.E.), but we can design the coupling that best fits with your application requirements.

UNE Flexible tyre-type coupling has been developed especially for pump applications. It provides two main advantages:

• Can be “dropped out” for easy replacement.
• Provides space between shafts, so that a pump shaft assembly can be removed without moving the motor.

In some industries, continued operation of a pump may be very important for safety or for the productivity of the entire plant. For example, failure of a coupling for a boiler-feed pump is more critical than for an irrigation pump. In such critical applications, a coupling that is easy to service generally requires less downtime and it runs longer. Also, for safety critical applications like fire pumps, we need flexible couplings with maximum torque transmission, highest absorption of mis-alignments and fast and easy replacement in case of continuous use.

Pump Couplings from UNE now in Middle East

UNE Couplings are now available in the middle east market and they are looking to partner with OEM manufacturers in the Middle East region. Dubai’s having easily established itself as the international business hub, is the obvious choice for UNE to open its trade offices. Dubai is home to huge free trade zones, one of the world’s busiest international airports and a world-class container port. Dubai's trade performance has shown steady and sustainable growth over the last many years.

We partner with manufacturers having the highest quality compressors and heavy equipment confirming to European norms, leading the way with new innovative products and solutions with every passing year.


UNE Flexible Couplings installed in Pumps




Since its foundation in 1970 in one of the most prosperous areas of Northern Spain, in the geographical center of the Basque country, and with the steel, paper and shipbuilding sectors booming, UNE started manufacturing flexible couplings that best fits in your production line, ensuring a long life of your machinery due to its capacity to absorb mis-alignments and vibrations.

We are a proactive and young company, able to adapt to the constant market changes and offer their customers high quality products fulfilling the highest standards. The company satisfies the ISO 9001 certificate.

UNE belongs to GRUPO ORIA, which supports a solid and reliable position in the market, allowing the company to be always at the forefront and close to the customer.

DIRECT INDUSTRIALS is proud to partner with UNE and provide their range of UNEFLEX, ACOFLEX and LAMAFLEX couplings for the customers in Dubai, UAE and Middle East.


UNE - European manufacturer of Flexible Couplings