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Anti-Vibration Mounts




We are supplying Egana's range of Anti Vibration AV Mounts for different types and sizes of air compressors. Large and powerful industrial air compressors require a high level of efficiency, high degree of reliability and a long service life. These air compressors are used in the almost all industrial houses like oil and gas industry, chemical industry and in special industrial applications. Different types of air compressors like reciprocating air compressor and rotatory air compressor require high quality AV Mounts that are able to achieve higher vibration control in these machines.

Vibration Damping and Vibration Isolation in Compressors

An electric motor or diesel engine is used to operate the compressor. In general, a powerful electric motor is connected with the compressor via a coupling. For a diesel engine, the same is coupled to the compressor via a coupling and gearbox. This is independent of whether the compressor is a reciprocating one, a screw-type one or a rotary compressor. This system creates some unbalanced forces (vibrations) which then get transmitted into the compressor frame and eventually the industrial building. Structural/Building vibration occurs when dynamic forces generated by compressors, pumps and engines cause the building deck beams to vibrate. This vibration can lead to major safety concerns for the building apart from piping failures and poor equipment reliability.

Fail-Safe AV Mounts for Compressors

Egana's Fail-Safe range of Anti-Vibration mounts for compressors is especially suitable for compressors which are either mobile or mounted in applications where the compressor body is subject to continuous movement or impacts. The fail-safe is important as it prevents any kind of compressor or machine toppling while installation and movement. We can provide the right Anti-Vibration mounts for your compressor application based on multiple factors like weight / installation location / machine RPM / and application usage.

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oria-air-spring-product-for-solar-tracking-ssytem Compressor Mounts made by Egana for Vibration Isolation