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Air Springs




We are supplying Oria Air Springs for various types of air compressors. Large and powerful industrial air compressors require a high level of efficiency, high degree of reliability and a long service life. These air compressors are used in the almost all industrial houses like oil and gas industry, chemical industry and in special industrial applications. Different types of air compressors like reciprocating air compressor and rotatory air compressor require high quality air springs that are able to achieve higher vibration damping in these machines.

Unbalanced Forces in Heavy Compressors

An electric motor or diesel engine is used to operate the compressor. In general, a powerful electric motor is connected with the compressor via a coupling. For a diesel engine, the same is coupled to the compressor via a coupling and gearbox. This is independent of whether the compressor is a reciprocating one, a screw-type one or a rotary compressor. This system creates some unbalanced forces (vibrations) which then get transmitted into the compressor frame and eventually the industrial building. Structural/Building vibration occurs when dynamic forces generated by compressors, pumps and engines cause the building deck beams to vibrate. This vibration can lead to major safety concerns for the building apart from piping failures and poor equipment reliability.

The Need for ORIA Air Springs in Compressors

Structural vibrations are amplified enormously when large gas-fed or electric motor compressor is mounted on the rooftop of an industrial building. The ORIA Air Springs can be used to absorb these heavy vibrations from the compressor. When the heavy compressor is mounted on ORIA air springs, it provides a large deflection to the air spring system. Due to this large deflection, the air spring's natural frequency is lowered and thus all higher frequency vibrations are absorbed by the Air Springs. The air springs are able to easily cushion and absorb higher impacts of shaking/overloading.


The ORIA Air Springs have elastomeric elements reinforced with a synthetic mesh thereby providing a longer life for the air spring installation. The Oria air springs absorb up to 99%of the unwanted vibrations avoiding further damages to the compressors, their metallic enclosures and building structures. At the same time, they also help in reducing the noise level. Lower maintenance costs coupled with easy and practical replacement makes ORIA Air Springs a great choice for industrial houses.


Oria Air Springs Construction

The Oria air springs consist of a flexible elastomer rubber body with nylon fabric reinforcement, and rustproof plates with an air inlet and mounting blind nuts.The Oria rubber bellows can be used both as vibration isolators and rubber actuators. Oria has been working with industrial houses using all kinds of compressors for more than 25 years, offering tailor made solutions depending on the specific requirements of the application; providing different types of rubber quality materials and metal parts, in order to ensure a long term product life and a proper function of the air springs.

Rubber Temperature and quality
The air springs can be manufactured with different rubber qualities:

Standard: Most used material for industry.
Temperature range= -40ºC to +70ºC.

Butyl (IIR): Highly used material because of its good resistance to acids.
Temperature range= -25ºC to +90ºC.

Nitrile (NBR): For applications where oil can be found thanks to its excellent resistance to oils, fuels, ozone and weather.
Temperature range= -25ºC to +110ºC

Ethylene propylene diene (EPDM): Material with excellent resistance to high temperatures.
Temperature range= -20ºC to +115ºC

Chloroprene (CR): Resistant to the sea water and medium resistance to acids.
Temperature range= -20ºC to +110ºC

Metallic parts materials
The metallic parts of the air springs can be supplied in different qualities. The standard in most air springs is steel with anti-rust protection, but they can also be supplied in AISI-304 stainless steel (other qualities available are easily available upon request).

Compressor Installations on Air Springs


An Industrial Compressor Installation on Oria Air Springs

Oria in Middle East - DUBAI

ORIA Air Springs are now available in the Middle-East market and they are looking to partner with OEM manufacturers in the Middle East region. Dubai having easily established itself as the international business hub, is the obvious choice for ORIA to open its trade offices. Dubai is home to huge free trade zones, one of the world’s busiest international airports and a world-class container port. Dubai's trade performance has shown steady and sustainable growth over the last many years. Many industrial houses are now looking to source quality spare parts from trusted and reputed manufacturers all over the world.

We partner with manufacturers having the highest quality compressors and heavy equipment confirming to European norms, leading the way with new innovative products and solutions with every passing year.