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Vibrating Tables




In a vibrating table the vibration action helps materials and products nest closely and settle to reduce product volume to a minimum. Vibrating tables consist of vibrating motor mounted on top of a rigid table. The vibrations produced by the motor are useful for the vibrating table function.

Vibrating Tables used in Industrial Applications:

• A vibrating table is used to remove air bubbles from chocolate moulds.
• Vibrating tables are widely used in packaging and compacting departments.
• The Vibrating table is used in the construction industry to defoam freshly mixed concrete.
• Portable vibrating tables are used for vibration testing and are suitable for site and laboratory use.

The powerful vibration produced by the unbalanced vibration motor need to be isolated before reaching the rigid under-body frame of the vibrating table. The Oria Air Springs when activated are best suited for isolating the low frequency high amplitude vibration produced during such applications. This prevents the vibrations from travelling from the top frame in contact with the vibrating motor, onto the floor, nearby machinery and the building structure. The Oria air springs consist of a flexible elastomer rubber body with nylon fabric reinforcement, and rustproof plates with an air inlet and mounting blind nuts.

oria-air-spring-product-for-solar-tracking-ssytem Oria Air Springs used in multiple locations of Solar Trackers

Vibration Isolation using Air Springs

Most vibrating tables used in the applications listed above have an option to vary the vibration amplitude as well as the vibration frequency to support multiple sorting, cleaning and compacting solutions. Both these parameters – oscillation amplitude and vibration frequency – have influence on the vibration intensity and allow different applications and mediums.

While, having the ability to control the vibration intensity is great for the application in question, the unwanted vibration that travels from the top frame to the bottom frame can be disastrous for the other parts of the table. The main cause of mechanical failure in this application is this varying amplitude and frequency of vibration. Even the frame and the body are affected by this. The vibrations cause a metal fatigue and consequently, most sensible metal parts start to damage and as a first sign, hairline cracks can be seen in the affected area. In addition, the bearings on bigger screens tend to be damaged more easily.

Isolating upto 99% of all Vibrations

By introducing an elastomeric element between the top and bottom frame, we can reduce these vibrations. In case of fixed frequency vibrations, rubber pads or other rubber isolation elements might suffice for controlling the vibration. But in this application, since the frequency and amplitude are both variable, we need the best possible vibration isolation solution that can absorb maximum vibrations even at the lower end of the frequency spectrum. For this reason, the sensitive components of the table are protected due to the air bellow’s capacity to isolate up to 99% of these unwanted vibrations.

oria-air-spring-product-for-solar tracker Oria Air Springs models used in Solar Tracking Systems

Air Springs / Rubber Bellows for Food Industry

Apart from our product range, we give vibration isolation solutions in food grade stainless steel range. For this reason, we use high temperature synthetic rubber compound to ensure no contamination through the air bellow. The rubber bellows can also be used to lift and lower the vibrating table, thus acting as a simple suspension. Another advantage of Oria'a Air Bellows are their lower resonance frequencies and additionally they can be activated and controlled by valves and sensors to compensate for the severe unsymmetrical load on the vibrating tables.

oria-air-spring-product-for-solar tracker
Oria Air Springs Installed in Food Processing Vibrating Tables

Oria Air Springs - in Working Vibration Table