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Scissor Lift




A scissor lift is simply a surface raised or lowered by the closing or opening of crossed supports pivoted like the two halves of a pair of scissors. These supports could be lifted using hydraulic pistons or air bellows. Our air bellows can be applied in a scissor lift in order to raise platforms, pallets, carts and even vehicles to an ergonomic working height, in which the worker is able to reach the material.

Uses of SCISSOR LIFTS in industrial, wholesale and commercial workplaces:

(1) Scissor lift table operators can reach heights that they would not reach otherwise normally.
(2) The lifting reduces fatigue in workers due to the ease of movement and repetitive workings.
(3) Scissor Lifts can help users in positioning themselves at ergonomic heights and working angles thus reducing workplace injuries.
(4) The load can be lifted stably and evenly thanks to the scissor lift working and supported through air bellows.
(5) Scissor lifts can come in a wide variety of base sizes, platform sizes, the height to which they can be extended. This allows companies and workers to choose an appropriate model based on their working needs.
(6) Mobile scissor lifts actuated using air springs can be moved around the job site so that they can be useful in a number of locations.
(7) Some scissor lift models come with the option of tilting the scissor lift to allow users to remove or add items from a bin or pallet thus reducing operator fatigue.

Due to their versatility, scissor lifts are invaluable part of any worker-centric organization which wants to improve productivity through simple additions.

oria-air-spring-product-for-solar-tracking-ssytem Oria Air Springs used in various configuration of Scissor Lifts

SCISSOR LIFTS: The Air Bellow Advantage

With ORIA's wide product range, we are able to rise up loads with different dimensions and weights, providing an ergonomic position to reach the shipment easily and safely. Frequently, the air actuator might be exposed aggressive environmental conditions, as oil, water atmosphere, etc. For this reason, different type of rubber composition and metal parts are recommended to ensure the air spring long-life and reduce maintenance costs.

The Oria air springs consist of a flexible elastomer rubber body with nylon fabric reinforcement, and rustproof plates with an air inlet and mounting blind nuts. The Oria rubber bellows can be used both as vibration isolators and rubber actuators. The Oria air bellows have been developed to replace the traditional air or hydraulic cylinders. Due to their design, the air pressure inside the bellow controls the upward stroke, thrust, tension, angular movements or fast anchoring movements.

oria-air-spring-product-for-solar tracker Air Bellows used for lifting heavy loads in scissor lifts

Air Springs / Rubber Bellows for Scissor Lifts

Due to the use of compressed air in scissor lifting tables, there is no risk of hydraulic leaks or process contamination. The lifts are quipped with ORIA Air Springs which have elastomeric elements reinforced with a synthetic mesh thereby providing a longer life for the air spring installation. They also provide vibration isolation to the working surface on top of the scissor lifts. Apart from our product range, we give solutions worldwide, working together with our partners, in dessert areas, in countries experiencing high heat or aggressive conditions, etc. For this reason, we use high temperature rubber compound to ensure a long life cycle of the air bellow.

Oria has been supplying their Air Springs / Air Bellows to one of the most scissor lift manufacturers in Spain and now supplies to manufacturers in UAE and Middle East. With the highest focus on quality products providing maximum vibration isolation, Oria's Air Springs have been the first choice for all many industrial and commercial units in Europe and Middle East.

DIRECT INDUSTRIALS is proud to partner with ORIA and provide their range of rubber air bellows and air actuators for the customers in Dubai, UAE and Middle East. Please feel free to drop us an email at for discussions on equipping your scissor lifts with our air bellows to make them stronger, safer and user friendly.

Oria Air Springs - See them in action in Scissor Lifts

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