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Ripper Machine




A Ripper is a claw-like device used in the construction and mining industry for tearing and digging into frozen soil, rock and other artificial surfaces. It is a strong earth-moving machine that is highly useful in the construction and mining industry. Rippers can be found on any number of work sites - mines and quarries, military bases, heavy industry factories, engineering projects and farms.

Ripper used in various Industrial Applications:

• Excavation for foundations.
• Used for excavation of old drain pipes.
• Used in construction for cutting rocks in hills for making roads.
• It is widely used in mining to dig into rocks.
• Used in farming for cutting ditches.
• It has proved itself useful in pile and dredging industry.
• Removing hardened deposits of clay and gravel.

Rippers produce high frequency vibrations that impact into the ground and the ripper shank is able to lift up the excavated ground from below the top hard surface. The ripper hammers and vibrates into the hard rock surface and gives the excavator the ability to break and lift up the broken crust of the surface being excavated. The narrow wedge shape of the ripper arm is also a contributing factor in effectively digging up the surface. As the weight of the machine and the vibration and impact of the ripper drives the tool into the surface, its narrow wedge shape produces a high impact within a small area thus splitting the surface apart. This allows faster ground breakup and effective working.

oria-air-spring-product-for-solar-tracking-ssytem Oria Air Springs used in the construction and mining industry

Unwanted Vibration control using Air Springs

As with other heavy industrial applications, the vibrations produced in the ripper can cause multiple problems. The vibrations cause a metal fatigue and consequently, most sensitive metal parts start to damage and as a first sign, hairline cracks can be seen in the affected area. Operator health and safety concerns arise from the constant vibrations of the ripper being transferred back to the operator while working in mostly unforgiving conditions. The machinery also suffers - equipment stress, damage, or breakage is more likely to occur, including boom, stick, or attachment cracking and/or gouging. Thus, while having the ability to have higher impact vibration is great for the digging and excavating, the unwanted vibration that travels from the ripper attachment to the excavator or bulldozer can be disastrous for the other parts of the bulldozer and the operator.

Isolating High Impact Vibrations

The powerful vibration produced by the ripper machine need to be isolated before reaching the excavator boom and the bulldozer body. The Oria Air Springs when installed within the ripper attachment are best suited for isolating the high impact vibration produced during such operations.

By introducing an elastomeric element between the top and bottom frame, we can isolate these unwanted vibrations. Rubber pads or other rubber isolation elements might suffice for controlling the vibration. But in this powerful mining application, we need the best possible vibration isolation solution that can absorb maximum vibrations specially at the lower end of the frequency spectrum that can travel easily to the operator and machine. For this reason, the sensitive components of the bulldozer and it's arm are protected due to the air spring bellow’s capacity to isolate up to 99% of these unwanted vibrations.

oria-air-spring-product-for-solar tracker Air Springs being installed on top of the Ripper arm during machine assembly

Air Springs / Rubber Bellows for Food Industry

The industrial air bellows required for this application might be between the reference M-100 to M-140, inside ORIA’s product range. The Oria air springs consist of a flexible elastomer rubber body with nylon fabric reinforcement, and rustproof plates with an air inlet and mounting blind nuts. Due to their design, the air pressure inside the bellow reduces the upward stroke, thrust, tension, angular movements or fast anchoring movements.

The ORIA Air Springs have elastomeric elements reinforced with a synthetic mesh thereby providing a longer life for the air spring installation. For this reason, the Oria Air Bellows can be used in harsh conditions and require minimal maintenance. At the same time, they also help in reducing the noise level. Lower maintenance costs coupled with easy and practical replacement makes ORIA Air Springs a great choice for ripper manufacturers and end users.

oria-air-spring-product-for-solar tracker
Ripper with Air Bellows for vibration and impact control

Oria - European manufacturer you can trust

Oria has been supplying their Air Springs / Air Bellows to one of the most reputed ripper manufacturer in Spain and now supplies to manufacturers in UAE and Middle East. With the highest focus on quality products providing maximum vibration isolation, Oria's Air Springs have been the first choice for all many industrial houses in Europe and Middle East.

DIRECT INDUSTRIALS is proud to partner with ORIA and provide their range of rubber air bellows and air actuators for the customers in Dubai, UAE and Middle East. Please feel free to drop us an email at for discussions on equipping your ripper machines with our air bellows to make them safer and user friendly.

Oria Air Springs - See them in action in Working Ripper