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Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer




Vibrating Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer Machines are used in Food processing, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. In a fluid bed dryer, raw material is fed into the machine from inlet which moves forward continuously along with the level of fluidized-bed under action of vibration. These machines have a fully closed structure for processing different types of raw materials. Hot air is passed through the fluidized-bed and carries out heat exchange with damp raw material inside. The damp air is then exhausted out through cyclone separator and duster, and the dry raw material is discharged through discharge outlet.

Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer are employed in a wide scope of Industrial Applications:

• Pharmaceutical and chemical industries: all kinds of press tablet and granule, boric acid, borax, dihydroxybenzene, malic acid, maleic acid.
• Foodstuff and construction material industries: monosodium glutamate, edible sugar, edible salt, mine residue, bean, seeds.
• Can also be used for raw materials to add up damping or cooling.
• Typical applications for vibratory fluidized beds are drying products in the form of grains and crystals, cooling the dried products, agglomeration and granulation of coarse particles, and finally sterilizing.

Special Features of Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer over conventional dryers:

• Raw material is heated evenly and heat exchange is fully used. Dry capacity is high. Compared with ordinary drier it saves upto 30% energy.
• The liquidized state is stable and no dead angle and phenomenon of breaking out
• Good regulation and wide suitability of raw materials.
• Due to the fluid state, it does not damage the surface of raw material. Therefore, the equipment can be used for drying raw materials that are easy broken.
• Because of the fully closed structure, It is effective to prevent from cross pollution between raw materials. The environment of operation is clean.
• Handle products with a wide range of particle size and shape.
• It keeps the environment of operation clean.
• The feed moves along the vibrating conveyor until they have dried adequately to break up and this causes lower chance of agglomerates build-up in the feed.


Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer mounted on Air Bellows

Causes of Vibration in Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryers

In a Vibratory Fluidized Bed Dryer (VFBD) the mechanical vibration enhances the performance of fluidization process. The vibration properties proves to be more efficient in dealing with fine particles which appears to be very difficult to achieve with normal fluidized bed. For various vibration amplitudes and frequencies, the vibrating fluidized bed is suitable for different types of raw materials. Large vibration amplitudes are useful in the the fluidization of particles as the axial and radial distribution becomes more homogeneous. Higher frequency vibrations have different impact on the nano and sub-micro particles, those particles that are hard to fluidise in the absence of mechanical vibrations.

As with other vibratory applications, having the ability to control the vibration intensity is great for the application in question, the unwanted vibration that travels from the top frame to the bottom frame can be disastrous for the other parts of the dryer machine. The main cause of mechanical failure in this application is this varying amplitude and frequency of vibration. These varying degrees of vibration cause a metal fatigue and consequently, most sensible metal parts start to damage and as a first sign, hairline cracks can be seen in the affected area. In addition, the bearings and couplings on bigger machines tend to be damaged more easily.

Isolating upto 99% of all Vibrations

By introducing an elastomeric element between the top and bottom frame, we can reduce these vibrations. In case of conventional dryers, rubber pads or other rubber isolation elements might suffice for controlling the vibration. But in this application, since the frequency and amplitude of vibration are both variable, we need a vibration isolation solution that can absorb maximum vibrations even at the lower end of the frequency spectrum. For this reason, the vibratory fluid bed dryer machines are mounted using air bellows. This ensures that the sensitive components of the dryer are not exposed to high frequency vibrations as the air bellows isolate up to 99% of these unwanted vibrations.


Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer (VFBD) - Application and Functions

Reducing Shop Floor Vibration in Vibratory Dryers

By mounting the Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryers on Air bellows, you can reduce the vibration travelling to the shop-floor. In multiple instances, the dryer in installed at the height to improve the particle fluidisation or output control. When such a vibrating machine is mounted at a height, the vibrations are increased significantly and can even cause damage to the entire industrial building where the dryer is installed. The vibratory dryer thus needs to be isolated from the building structure by using heavy duty air bellows that are filled with compressed air and are able to isolate the lower frequency vibrations which tend to reverberate through the entire building structure.


Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer (VFBD) - Vibrations in Building

Oria Air Springs Construction

The Oria air springs consist of a flexible elastomer rubber body with nylon fabric reinforcement, and rustproof plates with an air inlet and mounting blind nuts.The Oria rubber bellows can be used both as vibration isolators and rubber actuators. Oria has been working with industrial houses using all kinds of compressors for more than 25 years, offering tailor made solutions depending on the specific requirements of the application; providing different types of rubber quality materials and metal parts, in order to ensure a long term product life and a proper function of the air springs.

The Oria air springs absorb up to 99% of the unwanted vibrations avoiding damage to other parts of the machinery, the metallic enclosure and building structure. At the same time, they also help in reducing the noise level. Lower maintenance costs coupled with easy and practical replacement makes ORIA Air Springs a great choice for industrial houses.

Rubber Temperature and quality
The air springs can be manufactured with different rubber qualities:

Standard: Most used material for industry.
Temperature range= -40ºC to +70ºC.

Butyl (IIR): Highly used material because of its good resistance to acids.
Temperature range= -25ºC to +90ºC.

Nitrile (NBR): For applications where oil can be found thanks to its excellent resistance to oils, fuels, ozone and weather.
Temperature range= -25ºC to +110ºC

Ethylene propylene diene (EPDM): Material with excellent resistance to high temperatures.
Temperature range= -20ºC to +115ºC

Chloroprene (CR): Resistant to the sea water and medium resistance to acids.
Temperature range= -20ºC to +110ºC

Metallic parts materials
The metallic parts of the air springs can be supplied in different qualities. The standard in most air springs is steel with anti-rust protection, but they can also be supplied in AISI-304 stainless steel (other qualities available are easily available upon request).


Advantages of Air Bellows in Fluid Bed Dryers

Oria in Middle East - DUBAI

Oria has been supplying their Air Springs / Air Bellows to most of the reputed OEM manufacturers in Spain and now supplies to manufacturers in UAE and Middle East. Dubai having easily established itself as the international business hub, is the obvious choice for ORIA to open its trade offices. Dubai is home to huge free trade zones, one of the world’s busiest international airports and a world-class container port. Dubai's trade performance has shown steady and sustainable growth over the last many years. Many industrial houses are now looking to source quality spare parts from trusted and reputed manufacturers all over the world.

DIRECT INDUSTRIALS is proud to partner with ORIA and provide their range of rubber air bellows and air actuators for the customers in Dubai, UAE and Middle East. Please feel free to drop us an email at for discussions on equipping your bevelling machines with our air spring and bellows to make them safer, faster and more user friendly.

Air Bellows - See them in action in Working Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer