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Wood Debarker




Wood debarking machine cuts through knots, butt swellings, and other difficult wooden log parts. These machines are used mainly for first treatment when wood logs are received from the forest. Wood Debarker is the best ideal equipment to peel 10-90cm diameter wood logs barks. These machines use the special acting force generated by the rotor of barking teeth with cyclical motion of the rotor peeling off the bark of the wood as the log passes through the wood debarker.


ORIA air spring’s experience in the wood industry is remarkable, considering that our pneumatic air bellows have been applied in these type of machines for more than 15 years. Due to the highly durable construction of our air bellows, we have been supplying these air bellows to manufacturers of heavy-duty Wood Debarker machines all over the world.

The ORIA air actuators are also applicable in the wood industry, in those machines that are manufactured for the preparation of the wood raw material before its first transformation. The pneumatic air bellows are placed mainly in cutters and debarkers. These very high production machines allow a complete automatic debarking process. Thanks to their robustness and versatility, they can debark a wide range of tree species with minor adaptations.

Ripper used in multiple systems of Wood Debarker:

• Central Feeding Line
• The Debarking Rotor of the Wood Debarker


Wood Debarking Central Feeding System

oria-air-bellows-for-central-feed-of-wood-debarker Auto-feeding mechanism supported using Air Bellows in Wood Debarkers

The Air Spring Tension control system helps in consistently presenting the log at the exact center of the feed works and debarker ring. Wood debarker machines need to debark large amounts of wooden logs and now come equipped with wood infeed conveyors that supply wooden logs to the cutting and debarking teeth of the debarker. The centring infeed conveyor installed at the front of the wood debarking machine uses air bellows to ensure that the logs remain in place as they enter the rotor. The infeed system is able to detect the presence of a wooden log on the conveyor and the air springs get actuated to ensure that the wooden logs are kept at the center of the infeed conveyor. This would ensure that the wooden logs travelling at high speeds of 10 to 15 m/min are entering the debarking rotor exactly in the center for most efficient operation.

Compact easy-to-install pneumatic bellows (air springs) are ideal for such short-stroke high-force applications. Frequently, the air actuator might be exposed aggressive environmental conditions, as oil, water atmosphere, etc. For this reason, different type of rubber composition and metal parts are recommended to ensure the air spring long-life and reduce maintenance costs.


Wood Debarking Peeling Ring

oria-air-bellows-for-central-feed-of-wood-debarker Air Bellows used as actuators in Wood Debarker Rotor

The air spring is used as a forcing actuator in the rotor of the wood debarker. The pneumatic air spring is used as an air actuator in order to move the blades and make the necessary strength to cut the bark of the wood, while it follows its path through the debarker. The air bellows are mounted directly on a crank that is fixed on a steel shaft that drives the debarking rotor.

Using Air Bellows in Wood Cutters/Debarkers

• Friction-Less Operation
• Ideal for Short-Stroke High Force Applications
• High Vibration Damping - External machines and minimally impacted
• Easy and Compact Installation
• No Lubrication and Low Maintenance.

In case of being applied inside high temperature environment (more than 70 ºC), normally high temperature resistance air bellows should be applied.

oria-air-bellows-for-central-feed-of-wood-debarker Air Bellows reduce fiber loss in High Speed Wood Debarking Operation

The Oria air springs consist of a flexible elastomer rubber body with nylon fabric reinforcement, and rustproof plates with an air inlet and mounting blind nuts. The Oria rubber bellows can be used both as vibration isolators and rubber actuators. The Oria air springs absorb up to 99% of the unwanted vibrations avoiding further damages to the machines and metallic structures. At the same time, single-acting compact air bellows offer friction-less operation and require no lubrication or maintenance. The Oria rubber actuators have been developed to replace the traditional air or hydraulic cylinders. Due to their design, the air pressure inside the bellow reduces the upward stroke, thrust, tension, angular movements or fast anchoring movements.

Double convoluted air bellows providing low inertia actuator for debarker rotor

2-part convoluted Air Bellows - Low Inertia Actuator

The Wooden Debarker rotor could be single, double or triple rotor configuration, with different diameters. Double-convoluted air bags combined to low inertia actuator components act as Conventional rotor (adjustable bearing) tensioning system

Air Springs / Air Bellows used in Wood Debarker

Oria - European manufacturer you can trust

Oria has been supplying their Air Springs / Air Bellows to most of the reputed wood debarker manufacturers in Spain and now supplies to manufacturers in UAE and Middle East. With the highest focus on quality products providing maximum vibration isolation, Oria's Air Bellows have been the first choice for all many industrial houses in Europe and Middle East.

DIRECT INDUSTRIALS is proud to partner with ORIA and provide their range of rubber air bellows and air actuators for the customers in Dubai, UAE and Middle East. Please feel free to drop us an email at for discussions on equipping your wood debarkers with our air bellows to make them safer and user friendly.


Oria Air Springs - See them in action in Wood Debarking System